2023 in here, and
CAPS hopes you always stay safe and well!

It is with great relief that CAPS believes it has fished the rebuild of its website.  We  do apologize for taking so long, but after all the "Digital Updates" over the last 10 years,  a significant number of our investigation pages required a lot of updating.
We are pleased to announce that all of the pages originally built with adobe flash audio, now run on both computers and cell phones. We encourage everyone to take a look back at our 2010-2015 investigations!

If you encounter any difficulties with any of our web-pages, please let us know by using the "Contact Us" form located in the header.

Thanks always for your time and consideration!

Welcome to CAPS!!!

Recent Investigations:
In October of 2022 CAPS investigated the Indiana State Sanatorium just outside of Rockville, Indiana.  Probably one of the largest locations CAPS has ever tried to cover so far, and we were not disappointed.

We couldn't miss an opportunity to investigate this amazing location, a favorite haunt of Larry Wilson.  Enjoy our adventure in Virginia, Illinois, and the ghost cat at Dr.Ugs Store and CafĂ©.

We ended 2021 with a trip to Quincy Illinois, an amazing location that has been beautifully maintained by the "Friends of the Castle".  Although the stories are always most fascinating, it is the evidence collected that speaks loudest.  Check out our trip to Villa Katherine

Capital Area Paranormal Society (CAPS) was founded in 2010.  Since that time we have been on more than 100 investigations, across more than 70 locations, and this website is a collection of the evidence we have have accrued over the years.
At every location, CAPS does its best to collect and review all the Video, Audio, and Photographic records we have assembled, as we keep searching for the truth one investigation at a time...

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